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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Operations Iraqi Freedom Misnomer

Last night, I watched with my family President Obama's speech on Operation Iraqi Freedom end.  Much like the other Presidential addresses I have had my family watch on topics ranging from the: economy, education, health care, BP oil spill, General McCrystal's 'firing', bailouts, Wall Street reform, so on and so on.  I am resigned to acknowlege while the so called war in Iraq is over (not really) because now, our military leaders will use those troops to fill in other areas of operations.  (Think Pakistan, India and Afghanistan for several reasons.)

To use a housewife scenario about our government leaders use of the US Military: 

Last night's speech was saying ;

I need this ingrediant to make a fruit salad.  When in fact you know you do not have a certain fruit then subsititute another to take its place in the mixing bowl.  Well ladies and gentlemen, that is what our civilian leaders are doing.  They are just shuffling the piles of fruit to make their stand look more appetitizing when in fact; they are setting up another harvest of America's service members. (JMHO)

Meanwhile 50K troops remain in Iraq as basically trainers in security, law enforcement or infrastructure building units; they could in face become pawns at a later date. 

FIRST AND FOREMOST, I support the military and it's individuals because I am of the same cloth.  They are folks dedicated to the ideals of freedom and give up their most precious youth not to pursue wealth, fame or fortune but; giving back to the country they love. 

I ON THE OTHERHAND, Do not support the idiocracy of our government and it's greedy ploys to keep foreign oil (minerals, gems, other resources) in US coffers. 







Sharon said...

I did not hear him speak, my head was off in other problems. Sorry.

Jabacue said...

I agree. Why can't our governments just be honest and tell us what they are doing and what their real intentions are. We know anyway, so why not fess up. We are not idiots but are getting fed up with the BS!

Texan said...

ya its a mess girly...

2woofers said...

Personally I never could figure out why we were in Iraq. Nobody ever really answered that for me. The explanation seemed to change from week to week.
Like you, I have the utmost respect for our troops. But sometimes I'm baffled by the things that are done.