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Saturday, September 18, 2010

We Have Life So Much Easier

Image by Gemunu Amarasingha/AP The story is included in the link.  There were national elections yesterday in Afghanistan and of course, the Taliban made life difficult and killed folks who participated.  Now, why did I pick this picture and  story to express my opinions?

Our country has 37 seats up for Senate re-elections on November the 2nd this year.  To date, I have met no one who is happy about the current state of our economy, the legislative branch personnel, and a myriad of other factors.  I will go on to say though NO ONE: not my neighbors, not my adult children, nor adult members of my husband's or my own family will vote (Alabama will be voting for seats).

Elections for the Senate are found here:
Special Elections for the House of Representatives are here:


We do have a choice, Governor Perry and his Lt Gov are up for re-election on November 2nd this year.  Please register it is not too late to become a voice in this entire process.

I guess this whole topic 'CHAPS MY HIDE' because those women in the picture above knew there was a possibility of them dying just for their decision to vote in Afghanistan. 

Here in America, not even close to a majority of eligible adults vote due to various reasons or just plain dis-interest.  I refuse to talk politics or listen to an adult whine about the economy, jobs, health care and other hot button topics if; I find out they did not vote.  To me, it's an affront since I served my country for twenty years to allow others to become lazy as a citizen. 

Just saying,

Today when folks are busy buying lattes and texting while driving.  On the other side of the world, people are being killed for wanting a democracy or a glimpse of it.



Sharon said...

G'Morning Mal, have you ever considered running for office? I think it might be a good thing.

Melodie said...

I agree,if you don't vote you have no right to gripe!Thanks for the kind words at my place today!

Jabacue said...

Great post Mal! The same is true here in Canada.No one seems to care except for what they have and how much more they can get!
It's all gonna kick us in the butt one of these days.
Now, stay on that soapbox! We are listening.
I never heard of Sabzi before you told me. I will look it up. Thanks.

They call me Blue said...

I agree with this one Chicken Momma...luv ya...Blue

Jana C. said...

You have been given a blog award. Enjoy !


Jennifer said...

Very true! I feel very blessed that I was born here and not in Afghanistan or some place like that.

polly's path said...

I agree 100 percent.
I practice with my daughter now that she is a voting member at our church-we talk about it and she mails in her ballot.
She even has started copying her momma in my sneaky attempt to write in women's names on the deacon election ballot. Our church only puts male names on it. :)

mixednut555 said...

Good post, my friend. I was a pricinct official on Saturday for our primaries and will be one on Nov.2 as well. Voter turnout was actually pretty good here in Hawaii this year, but I think we are STILL at the bottom of the list as far as % of population voting.

mixednut555 said...

Precinct....excuse my typo. Saturday was a 14 hour work day at the polls. Yesterday we spent at U'iLani's Karate tournament. My brain is still fried!

Nekkid Chicken said...

OH NO, Mrs. Sharon; I lack the tact and forked tongue. LOL Good Morning Missy

Always welcome Mrs. Melodie. Good Morning Missy

Thank You, Jabacue. Drives me insane to listen to whining when the folks whining won't better their own situation. Good Morning

Howdy Blue, Is your yard full of hummers? Good Morning

Thank you Mrs. Jana; I will get to work on that. Are you guys getting rained out? We are; spent hours working with Saenz and Zephyr yesterday but, managed to mow the yard before hubby got home. GOOD MORNING to your soggy feet. LOL

Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY Jennifer, We are indeed blessed to be born here as women. Good Morning

Polly, That is a great thing you are modeling with getting your daughter interested in voting. I have taken my boys with me since birth to the polling place. Good Morning

Mrs. Kat, I bet 'U' kicked serious tocks. LOL Good Morning