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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Morning

We woke up to find the temperature down in the 60s which, to me is a slice of heaven.  The winds are whipping about so, I can feel the house moan under the pressure.  Come walk with us outside.  If you stand under our trees, the wind in the leaves sounds like water flowing over large rocks on a river. 
My hubby did me a huge favor today and filled up one of my (yes, Husky is mine) tractor's tire with green goop and air. YEAHHHHHHHHH, I am going to ride her later if the winds die down a bit. 
This morning we took our egg basket out under the oak trees up front of the property to pick chili pequins (bird peppers) 
and acorns.
Did you know native peoples used  pequins and acorns as a staple in their diet?  The red oak acorns have to be processed correctly due to containing tannic acids but, it is a labor of love.  The little chilis are quite peppery and and we had fun walking about; see our finds?
Then we walked out back to my favorite live oak on our property.  Former tennets put up a swing made from a water rescue basket.  Our boys love this swing as you can see.  Hubby believes this oak is a male tree because we could find no acorns under its shade.

We are spending our morning looking up these insects; if you know their species please leave a comment.

Then later today we will be making cookies earlier this week we made Cow Pies (no bake chocolate, peanut butter oatmeal cookies).
Grumpy Gramps, we are afraid to tell you about Banjo's new bad habit.  Seems he has decided Big Bird is his and defends his puppet from others.  Saenz likes to hide Big Bird to see if Banjo can find him.

Ya'll have a great day! We hope you have enjoyed a taste of our slice of heaven.


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Melodie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! It is just so nice to have slow easy days with you kids where they are learning but don't really realize that they are being taught..

Sharon said...

Neat swing! Must be Texas bug. ???
I want some of those cow pies!