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Saturday, May 2, 2009

You know you are doing to much WHEN

You lose a chick within the house after taking said chick from the incubator to place it inside the brooder. Between cleaning kitchen, filling ice trays, answering a 1,000 questions from Zephyr, doing 6 loads of laundry, turning eggs, feeding & watering animals outside, changing linens upstairs and checking an aution for Saenz.
YEP, I thought I placed it in the brooder: pic above left.
So, I look for it in brooder: NOPE not there.
I look in the laundry room; NOT THERE.
I double check the trash can: NOT THERE.
I check the laundry basket: NOT THERE.
By now, I am just chalking it up to having WAY too much to do before hubby gets home. After walking upstairs; I hear a really loud distress PEEP and back downstairs I go........look inside the brooder.

Other chicks are okay -- then I catch a movement.
Seems the second hatchling of the day found its way inside the cement block where we place their water and feed. This little chick is so tiny it will fit inside the holes of a concrete cinder block -- and could not get out; I only saw it because of movement since it is the exact same color as the pine shavings used as bedding.
Apparently, I have not lost my dang mind.
Thoughts from inside a WAY TOO Busy coop......


Jennifer said...

Yeah to a recovered chick and mind.

NOWONDER777 said...

Yes I'd say you had your hands full! Bless that lil chicks heart :) He found his way...

danny davini said...

you have a nice blog darlin'. cool

Nekkid Chicken said...

Jennifer, I was beside myself. LOL

Hey NOWO, where you been.

CHEF, You found me!