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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Great Plains Rat Snake

DOUBLE CLICK to see up close:

Hubby found this snake caught in the deer netting that protects our front porch. This one was approximately 4 feet long and had apparently just fed. He thought he had a copperhead because it was snippy and hissing at him.

After I confirmed it was not poisonous (copperhead bands are more around the body and not blothes plus this snake was too big); I cut the deer netting to free the snake. One thing we need to get is long work gloves because again since I am not a professional snake handler. I do not want to hold a wild snake where it can bite my fore arms readily. Unfortunately I left deer netting wrapped around it's body because hubby wanted to kill it for snapping at him. Poor thing was way stressed out, I would have bitten the hand that protects me.

Next project, get the deer netting secured to bottom of the porch and not the crawl space. I then found the snake in our Mountain Laurel tree so, I snapped some pictures of its head to make sure of the species.

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