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Monday, May 4, 2009

Just a stressful time

This Sunday, I woke up early though I could have slept in ------- the house was quiet at six. So, I tip toed downstairs to make coffee, turn eggs in incubator number 2, check hatchlings in incubator number 1, and feed the ravenous Topsy and Turvy.

This is when I made a horrific discovery not only had one chick hatched during the night but it's abdominal cavity contents had leaked on the other eggs set to hatch. Normally, this would not be an issue but since the fluids had contaminated the other eggs with a cook in time of whatever virus affect the hatched chick would spread to the hatchlings; I knew we had to cull the rest of our incubator 1 eggs. What a waste – 30 possible chicks gone to include two guinea keats.

Then I go outside to water and feed the animals, Because, I really wanted my first cup of coffee but feed and water our animals before self; I am in a rush. All seemed well until I noticed a month old chick outside the ‘baby’ coop. THINKING TO MYSELF:

Just how did that chick get out???????

I go over and see one dead chick and discover we have at least 6 missing chicks. I then think to myself they must have been scared outside the coop; chickens can manage to get out of confined areas. I caught the one way ward chick and place her back with her sisters. There was on dead chick on the outside of the coop sans head.

Hubby later went outside when it was cooler and ‘secured’ the possible gaps.

Fast forward to this morning……

This morning not only is there more missing chicks inside the baby coop but, one dead, head missing chick inside the coop. I mean the corpse completely inside, no blood splatter inside and there was no torn or dug under spot. On the outside of their coop is another chick……….half in and out, partially eaten. Not only do I feel sick to my stomach but, I have Zephyr with me and I decided to shield him from the view. (MIND you there are another 5 missing chicks in this coop)

Then on the way into the house our stilt coop (hospital) with convalescing Delawares instead there are now two chicks but, there were three last night. Again, something had taken a chick and bit the toes of the other two.

Just what in the hell is getting our chickens??????????

Either way, it was a stressful weekend because I cannot help but, to feel responsible for all the carnage. I have walked around the entire property to see if I can find tracks.

Nothing this morning absolutely nothing

Wigged out inside the coop.....

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