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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I have been thinking about this a bit in the last two weeks. This line of thought was mostly brought on by the ‘swine flu’, sexting, and gun-carrying-to-school media coverage. Have we raised our children to expect a MAGIC PILL to take away all their personal responsibility? Have we taught them to rely on commercial products, technology, and fast food instead of learning self sufficiency?

I would have to say a resounding, YES.

Now if a child screws up a parent either SUES the school, caregiver or technology merchandiser. If there is a virus going around; we rush them to the hospital for a ‘swab’ instead of just giving them simple home remedies. I have taken it upon myself to not only find HOME CURES for a lot of OTC illnesses but have resolved to stay out of the BOX, CANNED or Microwave isles. Yes, this takes time to do but is much healthier and my sons and husband is not eating preservatives.

With this said, I want my sons to know how to: grow their own food, cook said food, and know from where their food comes if not raised on our land. I will teach my sons how to make simple but very cost effective (GREEN) cleaning products for their personal use, homes and gardens. Each week, I am severing the umbilical to Wally World with more finality; it is awesome to look in a well stocked pantry and realize; HEY! None of this stuff is harming the environment or my family.

Sometimes the OLD ways are better.

Thoughts from inside the coop…..stepping off the soapbox.

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