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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here we go again!

It has been a busy week. Seems I have a few early arrivals, these guys were slated to start hatching tomorrow but, nope Mother Nature decided last night.

I have been watching the 'swine flu' spread with much interest. Simply because I remember Ft. Detrick's announcement in Feburary about missing 'equine flu' vials and possiblity other scientifically engineered illnesses.

Remember the anthrax scare with envelope being tainted and sent to members of political offices. Just where did 'anthrax' originate?

What does bother me is; public (media and government documented sources) awareness may be at least 3 to 5 days behing the actual spread of this illness. I know I am not a doctor or scientist but common sense tells my -- mother instinct; this puts those with weakened immune systems at risk.

Another thing, with our modern technology and abilities; why is it taking three days to confirm a flu? With all the words being thrown around: SUSPECTED, PROBABLE, LIKELY or CONFIRMED; doesn't this just over kill information -- peeps start tuning out because of all the 'hype' instead of taking precautions?

While I am not in panic mode, I do wonder if this virus will lay dormant since it does mutate (and has) until our fall 'flu season.) In any event, I am vigilant and have hand santizer and if need be will only go to Wally World and HEB when there are less chance of being crowded.

I do salute Mexico's government for having BIG CAJONES, and taking extraordinary measures to PROCTECT it's citizens with a shut down of non-essential businesses.

Thoughts from inside the coop......

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