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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weasel Nuts: Happy Mother's Day

What a beautiful and funny family I have.
Mothers' Day a commerical endeavor but, one I use to make sure I inventory my blessings as the MOM:

Laughter: My sons and hubby are the best source of smiles.

This day my hubby was lip syncing to A BOY NAMED SUE while strumming a really big base and he had me really giggling.

Saenz called my lip balm sent to me by a dear friend: MOLDY JUICE.

Zephyr called hazelnut creamer by WEASEL NUTS.

Forgiveness: When I slip and curse instead of popping my hand. Zephyr kisses me instead.

Saenz will patiently show me how to wipe out my video game UNEDUCATION by showing me how to JUMP/KICK kill over and over until I get the move right.

Hubby doesn't take personally when I get pizzy over something small; which causes me to rant.

LOVE: On the mornings we share, everyone waits for my slow descent from upstairs when my achy joints are screaming because of possible rain.

Morning kisses, hugs and smiles with recants of last nights dreams still clinging to their bed hair.

This afternoon as a family we will sit down and share this day like all others as a family.

Thoughts from inside the coop.....

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