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Monday, May 25, 2009

Ebay Friendship Memorial

For the last two years, I have spoken to Shartey and feel she is apart of my family to which I add -- I love her as a mother. My boys love her too; while I believe my hubby has a serious not so secret crush. LOL

Yes -- we are drawn to persons with like minds here for I also care and value NBNB for she is a great sounding board for ideas. True, occasionally we fight like cats tied over a clothes line but what the hay, I still love her no matter what.

One seller I found by chance, mikeanddave is an excellent source of information and sold a wonder incubator. Which I treasure his insight and knowledge; we have continued our chats via email.

Mixednut, you know I feel as if we are soul-sister separated only by BITS and BYTES of the cyber world. Rockonaudi, you too are special and have a wealth of knowledge. Maggie, all I want to say is STOP SHAVING UNSUSPECTING Haggis pouches. Bushells, you are a serious instigator and I can respect that! ROFL

ANNA, I will just say. I love your comments and seriously believe you are a lurker extraordinaire but I won't tell anyone about your "trouble maker" tendencies. LOL I crack myself up! Yes -- Ladies and Gentlemen it is the quiet ones who start the riots.

To those who I did not call specifically by name, this note does not mean I care for you any less. All this note means is I was interrupted by my family as I typed. While you all are real to me; there is nothing like a CHILD fight over who should be torturing the cats. (Poor Topsy and Turvy are now hiding from my sons.) Or a hubby bellowing about lost clothing or a tool. LMFAOH

So, this MEMORIAL DAY, while the focus deserves to be on those in uniform, civilians, contractors, family who fight the GOOD fight in military service to our great nation. I choose to honor those who have honored me with their friendship.........friendship never dies it just morphs into great ideals and love.

Thoughts from inside the coop............

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