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Thursday, May 7, 2009

My new toy; take a peek

This thing looks like a flattened soup can but, it is an Brower incubator. Which is more sturdy than those styrofoam egg incubators offered at stores today for folks learning how to incubate their chickens eggs. I purchased this from the best customer service Ebay seller ever. He gave me detailed instructions to help me set up my first hatch.

See his eBay account here: (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

The problem with the styrofoam incubators are (check my April & March posts for pictures):

A. HARD TO CLEAN or sanitize after a hatch

B. Narrow head height for chicks;
can burn themselves on heating coils

C. Window vents (plastic) can be lifted off with a fingernail

D. Cats can and will open the top

E. Temp adjustment knob has not lock; thus small fingers can ruin an
entire batch of eggs without realizing it.

F. Hard to control humidity

G. PRONE TO LEAK on whatever surface they are on -- another
humidity issue

H. Losing it's effectiveness with each use

With all that said:

Styrofoam incubators are great for those wishing to hatch one or two sets of eggs; after that move on to a more professional setup.

Thanks again, MikeandDave ---- You ROCK!

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