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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Joy of having a Boy or Two

I used to think I wanted to have a little girl but, in the infinite wisdom of Life and Our Creator:
We as a family was given boys to raise. Which is wonderful because I am a RUSTY BUTT, In Your Face, Try It To See If It Works, Tom-Boy kind of girl. For the most part, little boys are not emotional creatures but, hands on with no fear of failure. True, enough failure will bring tears of frustration but usually within a few minutes both at back at the helm of experimentation. LOL much to my dismay of keeping a clean home.
From morning to night; Saenz and Zephyr are busy working (playing) and discovering the world for themselves. It is our job to keep them safe while just letting them find out 'truths' for themselves. And while I feel like the zoo-keeper with a big shovel following a herd of elephants most days, I would not change any of it.
How many mom's get to:
meet their toddlers imaginery friends,
be a trampoline, build forts,
shoot chickens with water guns,
listen to their latest weaponry descriptions,
make dinner (experiments) together,
talk about body functions with a randy sense of humor,
referee fights between worthy opponents,
explain why girls are different and icky,
go chicken fishing,
kiss boo boos, give hugs after mistakes,
watch their first crushes on girls and flirting attempts,
Each day, my "little men" are turning into men and I feel blessed.
Thoughts from inside the coop.....

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