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Monday, April 20, 2009

What do you think?

By line: Photo taken at gas station near St. Louis

While I agree folks have a right to 'voice' their opinions via 'social protest.' I do not agree using a 1/2 ton device to get my point across. What was the owner of this vehicle thinking? Did they not look down the 'proverbial road' and forecast problems?

"Maybe this kind of display would incite or reduce other's attention to their driving and lead to an accident."

Another thing; we as Americans have long enjoyed and reaped the benefits of countless 'SOCIALIST IDEALS' with the following examples:

Public libraries, Fire Fighters, Police, Welfare, Social Security, Disability, Sports Arenas, Museums, Parks, National Monuments, Public schools, Hospitals, Health Clinics, Food Pantries, Post Office and many others.

Here I must say that while I did not agree with the Bush admininistration. I did not use a motor vehicle with an obstructed view to 'voice' my displeasure.

With our 'guaranteed rights' all I am saying is: Use them wisely, justly with a little thinking and in the right 'avenue.'

Thoughts from inside the coop.......

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