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Monday, April 6, 2009

Does this article bother anyone?

While it appears NORAD and the American military are saying North Korea's launch was not sucessful. I on the other hand feel worried because from failures comes greater learning; later followed by success.


<<<"Expressing great satisfaction over the fact that scientists and technicians of the [North Korea] successfully launched the satellite with their own wisdom and technology, he (their president General Kim) highly appreciated their feats and extended thanks to them," according to KCNA.>>>

This country is not known for its human kindness nor self-sustainment. Here I wonder just exactly Japan is thinking because N. Korea is only what 600+ miles from their coast? Just exactly what is the payload or 'satellite'? Either way, I am still watching the situation because next will either be a request for help to feed their starving, more military moves, and further launches under the guise of bringing them up to date in technological areas.


Thoughts from inside the coop......



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