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Friday, April 3, 2009

"Sign of the Times," not an ode to Prince

In the second fiscal quarter of 2007, I told my husband I believed this country was in the beginning steps of a recession. I watched some more and decided to shut down my flea market booth and store on eBay with a concerted effort to learn how to save money.

As I watch world events, I am glad I made this call. Not only are we now cutting out all frivolous spending (eating out), impulse buys, and pricey vacations to hot spots like Virginia Beach; we are growing some of our own food. In a few months, I have learned how to cut corners without depriving my sons of their favorite beverages and foods--I just make them at home.

This month we will cull and clean our first batch of 'freezer birds' to help defray food costs with a second batch ready IN THE WINGS (pun intended) and a third set in our incubator. I have been stocking up on the basics and especially heirloom seeds. Which if you are looking for great deals, on eBay I recommend seller Grocoseeds a link to their store http://myworld.ebay.com/grocoseeds/. The other company is Baker www.rareseeds.com and neither jack up their shipping costs to you.

I will give you some money saving examples:

I make our own laundry soap for $3 for 180 wash loads instead of giving TIDE $47.

Our cats used to eating 2 cans of moist food a day each; are now splitting one and dine on dried cat food. A savings of $32 dollars a month

Juice boxes for our boys: $12 a week (with landfill issues) now a cost of frozen concentrate or tea for about $3 another savings of $30 a month.

No More Paper Towels, (hand towels just thrown in the wash) saves $26 a month.

I hang out clothes to dry. Each load on the line saves us, $1.50 in electricity or about $45 dollars a month.

No chips, yes you heard me. My family used to consume 3 to 5 bags of chips per week at a cost of: $15. Their choices now are fresh fruit or vegetables.

Riddex for your septic systems runs for about $6 a box. My home made recipe without fillers, is .65 cents.


What really bothers me is when I read of people doing desperate things like killing family members instead of working together to find a solution to their financial woes. There is no shame to losing a job because your company is downsizing. There is no reason to kill children so they will not be a burden on others financially.

However, if this trend continues with rising violence I will be forced to consider how to become a full fledged homeschooler. I have started taking more upon myself with learning how to make items my family needs to survive without Wal Mart. I am college educated and would not teach my sons just Texas Proficiency requirements.

I am wondering though;;;; WHAT DO YOU SEE?

Thoughts from inside the coop............

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