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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I made Buttah! Step back Kiss Ma-self

I just wanted to prove I could after reading a book recently purchased. I had seen my other mom, Betty do this during power outages; just did not know the exact steps involved or ingrediants.
That on the plate is
-- no chemicals, preservatives, or OILS.
Wooo hooo, from 16 ounces of heavy cream; I got more butter than I could fit into the jar on the left all the way to the rim. The jar on the right is the left over buttermilk in the making; around 9 ounces of liquid to which I added vinegar to make it clot more and sour for baking use later.
Simply take a clear jar; add cream then shake til butter is formed; about 10 minutes. Then just let the butter drain, it hardens quickly in the fridge. Healthy alternative to the JUNK we buy at the store. Plus it is an excellent project for your children.
Thoughts from inside the coop......

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