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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No longer loved; just dumped

Hello Gentle Reader,

Let me introduce myself to you; I am “DUMPED.” Officially I have been down-graded in this cruel world from Family Pet to No Longer Needed. This place I was left to die has no water or food for me to eat. Some kind folks have brought food and water to my LAST KNOWN GOOD spot where I was left by my former owners. I want to go with one of the folks who come by and check on me, leave food and water, or talk kindly to me. But, because of you; I no longer trust my instincts about mankind and hide in the bushes. I do wonder how long these folks will keep trying to earn my trust. It is so hard to trust since you; my owner left me to die with a broken heart, spirit, and wasted body.

If there is a next time you choose to walk away from your commitment please, just take your next FAMILY MEMBER to a shelter. Please do not destroy the love of another giving soul.
Wasting away in the drought,

MY NEW HOME where trucks zoom by at 60 MPH.

Thoughts from inside a crying coop.......


Jennifer said...

Oh, poor creature.

Nekkid Chicken said...

It is so sad, Jen. I hope the little guy comes around soon. It's too hawtttttt, here not to be with water, food and shelter.