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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sniff Sniff! I am happy aaaaaaagain!

Do you see the little bud there to the right?


IT'S a strawberry plant, I am so excited. With the drought, HEAT and severe windstorms here; I did not think these would take root.

I guess some TLC and nick picking over their care has brought forth a few little stragglers. The fuzzy outline is my viewfinder looking through deer netting protecting the tender buds. Seems our Feathered Locusts (chickens) are hot on the trial of anything GREEN or fresh since, our grass is having a tough time this year. Keep the deep south in your prayers because we have been in a severe drought and fire watch for a long time.

This little guy though is my favorite thing to eat in the whole world. This little bloomer is a muscadine grape.

I was told by the local nurseries this vine would not take hold here but, I have babied it and talked to this little guy. If you have never tried muscadine grapes; get your hind parts down to a WHOLE FOODS or similiar international food store. These are huge black globe grapes with a sugar content of 19%. My Maw Maw used to turn them into jellies, jams, juice and other yummy treats. I remember sitting under the grape arbor snacking on them right off the vine, with bumble bees buzzing about in the HOT ALABAMA summer sun.

What do you think this one name out to be?


Thoughts from inside the coop..............

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Greg said...

great pics! my strawberries have blooms already