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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Homage to Romeo, RIP

Seems racoons have been busy again. Romeo is no where to be found. This little brahma, cochin banty; never cooped with the hens. Last night, he paid the ultimate price for wanting to sleep alone -- with his life.
I saw a pile of feathers this morning while driving Saenz to school; before I left the drive way. Let me tell you -- It's never good to see a pile of feathers. This little monster (yes, he thought he was the meanest rooster around) used to bow up and try to protect his hens. He was an excellent watch dog for predators over head and would alert the hens, Alpha Male, and Uno when: vultures, hawks, falcons, caracara, OWLS, and eagles were about.
After a few scraps, he and I developed a mutual bond of respect when I had to give him doctoring for various wounds from fights. As long as I would not make his flock squawk; there was little need whack him away in prep of mid-spur. He would just walk the other way when I was feeding, egg gathering or administering first aid to an injured pal.
ROMEO, May you find a flock all your own over the rainbow bridge. You deserve it with all the lives you saved. Where ever your spirit resides; I wish you all the green lettuce, veggies, tomato and bread treats you can consume. If this next batch of eggs hatch well; I hope some of the chicks carry some of your determination and grit.
Good-bye my friend, may you rest in peace.......

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mixednut555 said...

So sorry to hear about Romeo taking the Rainbow Ridge path. We lost 3 of our teen aged chickens this weekend. Not sure what got them but U'i is devastated. Her favorite, Cupcake Junior is one of our loses. So, we can feel your pain, Mal.

Hugs to you and all the family.