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Friday, April 24, 2009

Dumped still there: Eye shine

Day number three.
If you double click you can see one eye's shine. We take the little dog (DUMPED) food and water twice a day or more. We have gotten barks but, no trust yet. There is no way to catch the dog because it is on someone's property. I will try to get in touch with the neighbor's this weekend but, in this economy; I am not risking a gun shot to my buttocks. I am still very much upset over someone dumping such a young animal out here. What were they thinking?
For three years now, we have seen the road littered with abandoned animals. Not all have had a happy ending. Only "Goldie," trusted me enough to allow us to take her to the shelter. She was adopted the very same day.
I will just keep trying to win over the little dog. See last blog for our first blurb on this sad testimony to mankind.
Thoughts from inside the coop.....


kybunker said...

Oh Mal! I'm sure this ending will be just perfect! It's been 3 days and the baby is still there, that's a good sign!
Thank you for being a life angel,
So little people have this type of compassion and understanding anymore,
You've made my day! Just knowing what you are doing! The emotions you are spending with Life is just beautiful!
I love your posts

kybunker said...

You know, the more I have had to ponder over how people can do such a thing,,
If they didn't do this, I would never of had the chance to meet and become a piece of my little zeus,
The people dumped him also,
I invested all my emotions and love into this dying puppy, I said to God, Okay if you're ready for him, I'll be okay with that, But if you brought him into our lives to stay, Please help us raise him correctly,
The puppy survived, If those horrid people weren't so heartless, I wouldn't of ever met Zeus or learned the skills I needed to learn to help others,
So yes, I don't understand the lack of compassion by some,, But I really can't be upset that the event took place, I've got a beautiful friend, because of their callousness for life

Nekkid Chicken said...

KY, I just hope I can convince this poor animal to come with us. It's so scared and lonely & waiting for it's owners. SNIFF SNIFF