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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

3 Years Outside

Happy April's Fools day!

This is my third year of freedom in regards to rules, regulations from military service and barely contained verbal restraint. On this day three years ago, I was officially relieved of duty, entered retirement after 20 years and five days of active duty, Air Force service.

There are some things I truly miss about being in the military: professional business attitudes with dealing with anyone as a customer, expectations of those to give their best at all times, a common language and goals, a mission, education, travel, esprit de corps, and family of peers. I still believe in the Air Force’s core values: Integrity first, Service before self, Excellence in all we do,

On the other hand, since I am BRUTUALLY honest and lack tact; I had a problem with watching my tongue. Especially when I was trying to support a system I did not believe in regards to Mr. Bush's administration and complete divorce from leadership. In my estimation, he allowed others to make hard decisions with disregard to future outcomes and had the 'good ole boy system' deeply entrenched in his party. Here I am three years later saying; I am relieved in some ways to see him go back to Texas where his scope will be minimized. Yet, he is only one man; I often wonder if one ‘man’ can change the world?

What I do know, following under this man did demoralize myself and many other in the profession of arms. Until he took office a second time; I had no plans to retire even though I felt Mr. Rumsfeld destroyed much of the military’s morale. It was hard to maintain my intangible belief in a system that no longer cared for its CORE resource----PEOPLE. Do I still see this same type of common disregard?

The answer is YES.

Not only was there a disregard in PUBLIC OFFICE but in the military, public forums and communities such as this one. People are very adept at ignoring others unless there is a DRAMA going. As soon as the drama (usually spoon fed by the media or muckrakers) has slacked; people settle back down to ignore themselves, neighbors, communities, the country, and the world.

Upon this reflection, would I go back? No way.

I love my life here in our slice of heaven. I resolve to make small changes in the three men in my life.

Thoughts from inside the coop.....

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