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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Starting a commune? ROFL ~;>

My friend Jennifer in Mississippi has asked this question to me several times since, we are becoming more self reliant. I often tell her and my adopted mom, Shartey of my adventures of rearing animals, vegetables, and other homesteading rememdies. I just sit and wonder about other folks cutting back and making due with their own gardens and seed gathering?

There is so much to add about our family coming together in the afternoons and working outside. Heck the boys have so much fun; they don't realize they are 'WORKING.' Strange but in three years here is our progression:

1st year: 20 chicks, -- to layers -- fresh eggs (collected dung for drying, fertilizer in 3rd year)

2nd year: 70 chicks, -- to layers more fresh eggs, 2 kid goats, guinea keets (sold 200 dozen eggs, traded 3 flocks) small garden

3rd year: 70 chickens, 17 chicks (we hatched), 2 goats with their 2 kids, 2 pigs, 8 guineas, and gardening, making our own hygeine products, and reusing all plastic containers for planters and gardening.

So while our goals are simple; 1. be totaly debt free in five years. 2. Become non-reliant through research to live with less store bought items: PAPER TOWELS, JUICE BOXES, TIDE, a pay cable service and other options. 3. Teach our sons how to work the land and raise animals for food, fun and profit. (Note we have the mortgage left) 4. Be financially sound enough for my husband to retire early and spend more time at home.

My next major project is learning how to make: home made wines, cheeses, butter, beer, cider, soda, breads, lotions, soaps, salves, and such.............

It is amazing to look back and see our progression knowing financially we are learning to live well within our means.

For Jennifer and others: This morning I found an article on MSNBC online that cements I am not the only person who is doing basically the same thing.

Article found here:

"Fighting the recession, armed with seeds
Home gardening experiences a boom as families seek to cut food costs"


Thoughts from inside the coop........

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