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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sad to report, we seen a dead:

Picture is from National Geographic here:

Coral Snake, someone had taken care to run over it in the middle of a country road. What is really sad is these animals will not bite unless messed with. Animals in captivity only live 6 or 7 years, have few offspring in their clutch which hatch from eggs. What is more sad to think of; in three years of traveling our country roads this was the first coral snake we have come across.
While, I don't want my boys to come across one of these; I do take the time to explain to my sons to not handle or panic around dangerous animals. I do not advocate the use of a motor vehicle to destroy such a beautiful animal that was minding it's own business forgaging for food. My husband and I have both seen folks in cars swerve to kill a snake on the road even it they are killing a protected species like the blue indigo. Sorry just a little saddened by the cruelty of people.
Thoughts from inside the coop.....
another website with a picture that closely resembled the snake we seen.

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