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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Help Wanted: Female Friend

Person doesn’t necessarily have to be a SAHM, but someone over the dating scene and bar life.

Will not need to be well read but at least know the alphabet of some written language.

She will have to have a sense of humor at life and self with a penchant for listening instead of hearing.

New hire will have to know the difference of ‘living with faith,’ instead of cramming religion down my maw.

She will have to know what “WORK” means and yes, it is a four letter word.

New hire must like: rusty butt boys, chickens, men folk, guineas, cats, goats, kids, pigs, reptiles, insects, getting hands dirty, trying new things, music, books, and laughing like a drunken hyena when needed.

Traits that will not be tolerated: slovenly, racist, bigot, hypocrite, impatient, humorless, or home wrecker.

Monies to be exchanged will be none but, the rewards will be immeasurable for this is an exchange of ideals, ideas, knowledge, know how, want to know how, willing to do how; all while having fun through mutual respect.

Interested? Inquire within…...

PS. We can make light of men having “the appendage,” and not being able to multi-task beyond beer in hand and remote.

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kybunker said...

Enlighting the world one victim at a time!