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Friday, March 27, 2009

When God Hiccups

(Double click to see a enlarged image.)

Yesterday at 2:30 ish p.m.; a tornado touched down near George West. This is pictures from my back yard showing the storm moving behind our property. Two truckers were blown over on the bridge leading into George West on highway 59. We are very fortunate because this is spring break week---Zephyr, Saenz and I drive on this bridge four times a day during the school week. In all, only one with minor injuries and four damaged big rigs. The area lost power for up to three hours.
I feel very blessed no one was seriously hurt.
Thoughts from inside the coop......


Jennifer said...

It's amazing the power weather has. I too am glad there were no serious injuries. Keep safe and enjoy your weekend!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Jen, It was a learning experience with the boys. How are you sugar bean?

mixednut555 said...

Stay safe my friend. I've lived through a few tornados, have a friend whose house was destroyed THREE time by tornados! Thinking of you.

rockonaudi said...

Take care dear friend, glad you were safe... the very idea of you travelling that same bridge just gives me chills! The pics are awesome, WoW!