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Monday, March 16, 2009

So Sleepy

I just love this picture.
It was so foggy this morning, I drove 30 mph for the entire 13 mile trip into George West to take Saenz to school. It is really important in this area not to over drive the reach of your fog lights.
Can you imagine hitting a deer, pig, cow, horse or wild turkey because you were driving too fast to stop? It happens all the time here, and the animal 99 out of 100 times pay with their lives. The humans pay for their car repair and perhaps medical bills.
Chick count as of this morning is 7 in the brooder. The six eggs that did not hatch were set out last night, I checked them this morning and they had been eaten with no blood on the inside membrane. In essence, those were unfertilized eggs. Since we have Americanas (blue/green) and Delaware (brown) shell layers; it is darn near impossible to candle them after 72 hours. I have been shopping around for a higher power candling device for the future.
Saenz and Zephyr both thought it was cool to hear the little chick Pipping out and chirping from inside the egg. I have two eggs inside the incubator with peck holes so; later we will have two more babies. It is so hard to let nature run its course by allowing the chick to come on its own merits but, it is a good lesson.
Some of the best things in life should not be rushed.
Thoughts from inside the coop....


mixednut555 said...

Beautiful! I've finally got some time today, so am going to do a post of my own. Miss ya, my friend.


Greg said...

great pics !