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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Can you see what I see?

This was another reminder spring has gotten here. As soon as I saw the little buzzer, I cleaned up the feeders and made nectar for the little Kamikazes. What is so fascinating about these birds are their tenacity. The males are super ferocious for their size much like a banty rooster; they will fight to the death to protect their territory and mate. Maybe the migration from South America has started and this guy is out zipping around for food. This winter, I have seen lots of different birds that are unusual for this area and season. Then again, we are in Texas which does has the largest population of critters of all varieties and I have been blessed to be a witness.

Thoughts from inside the coop...........


Shordan said...

Wow! In Korea, it's still freezing cold one day and burning hot the next--somewhere inbetween the season. Today it's burning up and we ate some spicy soup, so right now I feel like having a good cold glass of sweet tea and sitting under the shade of big ole tree. Maybe even throwing a hammock in there for good measure. Congrats on becoming grandmammy twice over!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Shordan, I was made a grand mammy 24 times in one week. ROFL We put another 48 eggs in the incubator for an Easter Hatch. A hammock sounds supreme right now. Hope you check out the hummers I will post in a few. Will check your blog for movie reviews later.

Much love,