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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blast from the Past: Oakville (2)

This morning Zephyr and I went to the hill again to poke around. Can you imagine this place with criminals spitting tobacca on the floor or out the windows. Since it was closed, I will try to contact the owner. It's amazing to think about the persons who built this town which is slowly fading into history. Will we become a 'bump' in the road of life?

Next we will explore the wishing well to the right of this scene. Way cool, I have to remember to take some coins with me. Do you think folks got their 'copper' intake from drinking well water with pennies pitched in for wishes?

The other pictures of the Sheriff's car are found here. It reminds me of a PT Cruiser.

Thoughts from inside the coop.......

Older pictures of the Jailhouse are here:

More history here:

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