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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bad Hair Day: Going Back to Bed

It's supposed to rain here today, with temps falling 30+ degrees. SO, I will be napping!

I have spent the morning walking half bent over with a stiff back and joints so; maybe --just maybe -- the weather forecasters are correct this time.

Hilliary will probably have her kids tonight, full moon and cold, wet weather. So like a goat to have her babies in inclement weather. Just in case Hilliary has problems with nursing, I have dried colostrum and replacer milk in the deep freezer with tons of towels ready. Thing is, I believe with Hubby's help; we should stake out Obama since he is such a butt-head (literally). We have to threaten him with the water hose; when he gets 'butty' at the feed trough.

Hopefully though, this will be the last cold front then we can get to plant our 4 to 5 garden beds (one for tomatoes, one for corn/beans/squash, one for herbs, one for root plants & a variety of vegetables, and then the melons and cukes). Woooo Hooo! No more store veggies, herbs and will only need to shop for milk, fruit and bread on a weekly basis.

Next week, our first clutch of eggs will begin hatching on Monday. This weekend, I will have to prepare the brooders and buy bedding. Then clean the incubator and set a second batch aside for an Easter hatch. I do need to place an order at Parker's for a few Red Production hens to replace Ms. Henny Penny for Saenz and may even order 5 or 6 turkey hens. Also, I will have to contact Mr. York to order some more guinea keats; we really enjoy them and admire all the bugs they eat. Mr. Salad Fingers had not gotten his mates yet, so hopefully any day two new female piglets will be joining our happy farm family.

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