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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Loving Spring

I have been singing the praises of spring's approach for a couple of weeks now. There is nothing better than Mother Nature sitting up and stretching from her long winter's slumber. Well with her first yawns have come tender blades of grass, thorny weeds popping white flowers, Spanish needles with their blooms atop sturdy necks and mesquite leaves unfurling.
The chick count stands at 23 hatched with a couple of casualties but, this is our first successful incubation.
Thanks Mylegacy!
for your help and suggestions with a proper high powered light for next years' candling of our color shelled eggs.)
With the exception of Buttons (the first hatchling), any banty chick, and Big Bird (a rescue from being stuck in the shell; our home grown yard birds will become part of our freezer stock.
It is fun to watch my husband in the afternoons outside with the boys prepping our garden beds while, I have been standing watch over the hatch since our cats Topsy and Turvy want to play with the new borns. LOL!
Later this afternoon, I will sterilize the incubator and then prepare for a second round of chicks set for a Easter hatch which falls on April 12th this year. This weekend I will order five each: turkey, red production, guinea, and maybe a duck or two in order to gently expand our farm stock.
The best part of this season is spending time as a family working together to bring food to our table and to feed our animals.
Life is good so, be in it -- thoughts from inside the coop........

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Jennifer said...

That's terrific! My parents have always wanted to have a chicken farm. If they ever get I'll be sure to ask you for tips.
Spring has begun here, without the bloom. Just sunshine and plenty of it.
Enjoy the rest of your week!