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Thursday, March 12, 2009

(Bloggers of which I speak are on the eBay blogs.)

I have sat back and watched the last six months bloggers with lots of uncomfortable disgust. I see the term “freedom of expression” thrown about in order, to defend slicing others verbally. The only good thing I can say about Perfume (id changed to protect her business) is at least she doesn’t hide her racist beliefs under a zero identification by calling (joking) President Obama (inferred) Sambo; or blatantly displaying an avatar of Sambo that was used to humiliate millions of persons of color.

Seeing others inferred to ‘illegal aliens’ (Mexicans) as taking away jobs from hard-working Americans; who (said Americans) in actuality would not be caught dead working fields for less than $8 dollars an hour and living in company owned housing.

I have seen folks here decry and denounce socialism while they in fact ‘reap’ the benefits by taking: Stimulus payments, welfare, disability, library usage, emergency room visits, allow firemen to put out fires, call 911 for chicken McNugget disputes, accept donations in time of need, go to public parks etc., etc., etc.

I have served in one of the largest ‘socialized’ organizations (US MILITARY) in the free-world for twenty years to provide these folks; a blanket of STUPIDITY in which, to wrap their lunacy, self loathing, and isolationistic selves under rocks of verbal cruelty. What bothers me most is the lack of acceptance of others views, conversations, ideals, ideas, religion because these ‘COWARDS’ (thinking of Attorney General Holder’s speech) invoking the term of ‘FREEDOM OF SPEECH’ have sacrificed nothing but are living off the sweat, blood, lives of millions so, they can sit behind a computer screen and lament about this country’s elected officials.

And yes, I have come to realize while I put in my time; “STANDING WATCH;” I guess I am asking all of you--will you tolerate this lack of unity, common respect, and verbal abuse in the name of humor? Will you continue to support those who would seek to silence (actually your silence is implied consent) other’s in the name of Freedom of Speech, when in fact you are giving up your own.

Thoughts from inside the coop.....

For the entire speech of Attorney Gen Holder:

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