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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Deliver Us From Evil

This movie brought back some ill feelings I have had towards those in power; stripping the right to truth and knowledge of those in their command.

This film was about a Catholic Priest, Oliver O'Grady sexually assaulting unknown number of children in the parishes he worked in--his superiors just kept moving him, it was in his personnel files. Stunning is the fact (however not surprising the cover-up), of those in power wanting to keep their worldly status and afraid to tell the truth or rock the proverbially boat.

What really bothers me about this film, is certain positions of AUTHORITY (especially in GOD'S House or a PRIEST/RABBI/PASTOR etc, etc....) no one thinks to question untoward behavior. BECAUSE, "the sheep/flock" have faith in those appointed or anointed over them.


Another thought, why is it that 'faith-based' businesses: need lawyers on hand to answer such charges if indeed, they could just turn over the accused to the justice system?.

Yes Gentle Reader, it's a business if said business collects monies in order, to employ workers (priests and said laypersons are paid/housed/schooled and other areas of living expenses met) to expand it span of control. And here you can argue, those monies collected are used for good works of human kindness which is true to some degree but in this, I digress since this financial/definition will be addressed in a later blog.


Now I ask myself, have I been a member of the flock, trusting those appointed to lead me, peers, and co-workers while serving.

I would have to say a resounding YES.

In the late 1980s, while station at Clark AB, Philippines, I walked into my dorm room after a night of clubbing; to discover my room mate being sexually assaulted. Get this, I yelled the man's name--I knew him, he outranked us both. He bolted out of the rooming pulling on his clothes as he left.

She had passed out from drinking so, I left the room to call the first sergeant. Long story short the Security Forces were called. He was taken to the hospital (drunk and had been found choking in his own vomit.) and later placed in military confinement. She was taken to the hospital for a rape kit and later released. I, who had a few drinks as well that night was taken for questioning. BOTH he and she lost their security clearances for a short period of time.

So a few months go by, this man (whom I found repugnant & harbored feelings of violence toward) was placed back in her duty section while being sent to alcohol counselling. She and I were sent for a mental health evaluations; no one could believe a 'SENIOR' would do such a thing--thus we were treated as liars and usurpers. Point is, I had blindly believed in those who were our leaders. I believed in the system (HAD FAITH) they and we would do the right thing. Much like the Catholic Church in this movie, the senior leadership protected it's own and threw 'children' to the lions.


This movie is a must see because those in positions of power and trust should be held to a higher standard of morality; if found guilty of criminal deeds should be punished more harshly. Those who covered up for Father O'Grady damaged far more than the possibility of them attaining higher office within the Catholic church.

One father of a victim was so devastated, he lost his faith; his daughter is still single with no 'hope' of getting her father to walk her down the aisle if she decides to marry in the future. Thus lives are still in limbo. Hundreds of children (now adults male & female), mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers, and others were destroyed not only in their own


but in their home within their hearts.

I will add this here: Nothing has taken away the shock, guilt and pain of this event in the twenty years since it occurred.

Thoughts from inside the coop.......

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