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Monday, March 2, 2009

King has been dethroned:

On February 23rd, I wrote about Alpha having been injured and my giving him First Aid. Well his trusty followers as seen in the pictures from that day were not in fact awaiting the return of the king.

Instead, his second in command, Romeo decided to take the opportunity to become 'King' and fight injured Alpha for his rightful place. Now, I did try to keep the two Brahma Banty roosters from harming each other but, I learned my lesson.

Chickens need a fully established Pecking Order to maintain discipline. So, I left them to their own devices. Little did I know our first natural hatched chicken, Uno, son of Red Rocky had his own plans. Uno waited for Alpha and Romeo to fight out who would be 'King' and then he fought the winner, Romeo. Not only was Uno a savvy rooster but in the picture above is Romeo hiding from both Alpha and Uno.

Gotta love, depise, or respect male dominance at its best in the animal world. Males beating each other to bloody messes over the chance of a few mating opportunities. And this has to be Darwin's Theory of Survival of the fittest.

First part of story here: On Feb 23, 2009.
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