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Saturday, March 28, 2009

MY mindless dribble

My husband took our two sons on a short fishing trip to spend time with extended family from his first wife's side; ie their other brothers and sister.

For the first hour on my own; I just spaced out on the couch with no television listening to:


OMG, what a beautiful sound.

Second hour, I felt guilty for lounging so I researched how to make my own dish soap since I know how to make my own laundry detergeant.

Then I listened to NOTHING AGAIN --- OMG I really needed to decompress.......

Third hour, I felt like the supreme heel of all heels and washed, dried, and put away dishes. (DREAMING OF A PORTABLE DISH WASHER; guess what. I now know how to make my own dish washing soap.)

Fourth hour, I spent gathering our little buddies inside their coop. There is always ONE VERY SMART ARSED HEN who decides to make a game of chases. So I spent twenty minutes trying to get her safely inside her coop to no avail.

NOTE HERE: She must have not seen the TWO GUINEAS HENS devoured last night by a large predator then picked clean by red necked vultures and caracaras. I hope she makes it to when hubby comes home because I could no longer see outside.

Fifth hour: Someone pinch me, is this what folks do with their free time at work in offices? I mean three years have gone by and I wonder if the blogging world really works at anything other than a SCREEN. I truly hope my boys and hubby are having fun because now, I am here with nothing to do but turn on the television or read. I feel like a woman of luxury whilst I type my mindless dribble.

SPECIAL NOTE: THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART GIL. I never understood how much I thrive on being around you and our sons. Much love!

Thoughts from inside the coop & rolling in silence.....

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