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Monday, November 1, 2010

With the Hand of His Father

Zephyr will follow -- 'reminds me of the relationship described in the Bible between Our Creator and mankind.'

Hubby had to take the weekend off to do some repairs to our farm truck since a minor accident left it without a passenger side rear view mirror plus other chores he had to finish up.  Needless to say; Saenz, Zephyr, and I took full advantage of having Dad home with us this weekend. :O)

On Saturday, we took the boys to the Cowboy Church in George West to their fall fest.  Zephyr had issue with the tall bouncing slide.  With just a little encouragement from Dad; Cubby Bear took Dad's hand and gave it a try.  Zephyr has always been Daddy's cub, came out of the womb favoring his dad over anyone else.  It warms my heart to see those two so tightly bonded.

Then on Sunday, the Oakville Baptist Church had their festival and Zephyr got to TRUNK or Treat since, out in the country there is no place to Trick or Treat.  It was so HAWT on Sunday he just put on his mask though; he was super stoked to win a turn at the cake walk and got to pick out cup cakes as his prize. 

More Pics

Enjoy your evening..............


Jen said...

Looks like a blast! The mask is awesome!

Sharon said...

Looks like he had fun, he should remember this, as will you!

Melodie said...

Oh,just love those father and son moments! Looks like you all had a good time despite the heat!

polly's path said...

and fun was had by all...it was mid nineties here too. Too hot. Hey, my two pineapples have roots now like you won't believe it. Time to move them to a pot with some dirt, I reckon.

Jabacue said...

Yes, it is always good to have your father around.