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Sunday, November 14, 2010

63 The Number On Our Thermostat This Morning

HOLEY MOLEY BATMAN,  I guess we had no clue the weather was supposed to dip down as it was going to..........brrrrrrrrrr!  We have been uber busy with hubby being home for the Veteran's Day weekend.
(Can you see his hands on the steering wheel?)
Hubby had to complete an annual check up and this year he went to Otto Kaiser in Kennedy; that took more than half of Friday.  So Lisa, stayed home with the boys and they played video games and cleaned up the house which was a wonder gift.  Thank You Missy!

On Saturday, we took a road trip to the San Antonio Zoo.  Hubby wanted to see for himself how the zoo has been almost totally refurbished.  In the last two decades, the zoo was basically an eye sore compared to other zoos we have taken the family to visit.  NOT ANYMORE!
The zoo now has a Komodo dragon exhibit which is large.  The lighting makes him appear red in color but, he is not. 
 The juvenile was quiet interested in following my movements around his enclosure. Can you feel his intelligence?
Here it looks like he wants a kiss goodbye! LOL
Do you see the butterfly's probiscus?  I think it is really cool to watch this amazing creatures.  The zoo has a butterfly house which, you do have to pay an additional $1.50 to enter per person but, so worth it in my opinion.  Zephyr adores them as much as I do this time Lisa went in with us.  I will be getting the boys a butterfly growing kit as a science project.

So far, Zephyr is able to identifly swallowtails, bamboo, and now Blue Morpho (above).   
These two were drinking from the same flower.
We found this little green anole sharing the butterfly house. 
 (At least, I think it was an anole)
The fellow is a TOMISTOMA or a false gharial and comes from Malaysia, Indonesia.  The exhibit sign says this creature was born in captivity which is a major advance for a zoo.  KUDOS!
Now, I have no idea what species this lizard is.  Do ya'll know?  The exhibit was crowded with teenagers and I took this picture over their heads.  Then I beat feet out because they were so loud. Poor guy looks like he is sucking heat from the vent though or is also trying to get away from the noise. 

There is a Discovery Center for small children to play and explore.  It is nice and has many activities for children five and under.  As Zephyr was fishing; Lisa and I watched this Alligator Gar follow us because we were sitting on the floor in front of his tank.  I think the gar is hungry; I wonder if they would prefer tartar sauce and lemon? :O)
The Discovery center has a prairie dog exhibit childen can crawl through and be close to these little diggers.  
RED RIVER HOGS Sunning themselves.

This wart hog boar was quiet the protestor, I am guessing he wanted to share the tunnel.  His tusk grinding sounded like a motor boat engine.
This is the Landlord or Lunch tunnel exhibit leading to the answer for yesterdays question.  NAME THIS SURFACE.
You were looking at Hippo Hiney through glass and close up!


Sharon said...

That looks like an exceptional zoo, very modern and up to date! I'm sure you all had a very good time!

Happy Sunday!

mixednut555 said...

Great post and pictures, Sistah!

Nekkid Chicken said...

It is well worth the family member pass we purchased for the year. We have already been twice and plan to go again in December. I can't wait for our next visit. :O)

Hey Sharon and Kat! Are you freezing yet?

Janet said...

Looks like a great zoo-educational and interesting- you had a great day out by the look of things !

Greg said...

wow, great pictures! It looks like a fantastic adventure, I love zoo's

Nekkid Chicken said...

Janet, It is my now favorite place to take our boys.

HEY Greg, Thanks! I just love it there. Can't wait til they get in giraffes, peguins, and other exotics.