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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A THANKFUL Lifetime in an hour


May your Thanksgiving feel as warm and wonderful as ours.  May you find the happiness deserved in the friends and family around you.  Just remember to give thanks for all that you have in your slices of heaven.

From Our Family to Yours
Mal, Gil, Lisa, Saenz, Zephyr,
Sonic, Banjo, and a cast of 1000s.


emajen333 said...

Beautiful, Mal! Wishing you and your lovely family of over a 1,000 a very happy Thanksgiving, too! xxxx

Melodie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sharon said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

(cast of thousands - cute!)

Jabacue said...

Mal, this is a lovely post! The photos are great! I just love the spider one.....do they always gather together like that? We call them 'Dandy Longlegs'. And the goats.....what can I say.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Jen!

Happy STUFFING DAY! How is Minki, Nimbi and WAAAALLLL TER?

Happy Thanksgiving back you Mrs. Melodie.

LOL, Literally, was thinking of all the ants, spiders, moths, and butterflies we watched today. Big changes in the weather tonight Mrs. Sharon. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jabacue, Sweetie! I have a new semi pro digital camera. It's a FUJIfilm S1600. Just practicing with it outside this morning and trying to figure all the features. Hope ya'll are dug in warm and snug tonight. The cold front coming here is headed your way later in the week. We call those spiders, Daddy Longlegs and I guess they colonize here. No idea just found the ball and played with the camera.

THANKS to all who pass here in the night! It was such a beautiful day and I feel very blessed....

Texan said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too girly!!

I hope your not having the weather we are brrrrrr... never the less the honeyman and I had a great Thanksgiving, cold weather and all~

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Texan, I know ya'll must be freezing your hineys off today. Tonight will be tough eh? Stay warm and dine on those lovely left overs. :O) Happy Thanksgiving!