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Friday, November 26, 2010

Spinybacked Orb Weaver? Playing With My New Toy

Please have patience with me while, I am learning how use my new camera.  This little spider drove me to distraction yesterday, because no matter what I did to get her into focus -- with the winds -- she was always just a blur.  Really, I was getting quiet angry with my inability to steady the shot.
So out of frustration 30 to 40 shots later; I promptly went back inside the house to tend to 'MILDRED' our Thanksgiving center piece.  Mildred gave me some peace of mind because as you can see; she was quiet the lovely little hen and we thanked her for providing for our family meal.
I just don't know about ya'll but, when I get something stuck in my head to accomplish.  I just can not rest until I figure it out ---- back outside I went.  This time I met with some success as you can see.  Let me introduce you to the Spinybacked Orb Weaver or as Saenz called her,  The Thorn Spider.

The little lovelies (less than a 1/4 inch in size) come in different colors like red, orange and this yellow; nature's way of saying, "I Don't Taste Good."  Each night the orbweaver  builds a new web which are large and can be found between two tree limbs, or buildings, or just plain in your face.  The female usually hangs upside down in the middle of her web and awaits the familiar web vibrations of dinner being served. 

Hope all of you are having a lovely weekend with your families.  Tonight we will be decorating our first live Christmas tree in 14 years.  I am super stoked to be restarting this lovely tradition for our boys and will take pictures of our fun maybe tomorrow.  I will leave you with a lovely sunset photo from yesterday. 
Please those of you in this winter storm's path please stay safe, warm, and dry because it is coming your way in a few days.  We are supposed to have a hard freeze tonight so, the rest of our day will be spent preparing our garden, animals, and water pipes.


Sharon said...

Mildred does look like a welcome addition to the table! MMMmmm!

The spiny backed orb weaver is quite unusual, glad it's in your neck of the woods.....

We are supposedly getting the real deep freeze and whatever tomorrow night. Glad we have plenty of food in the house! DH finally got the generator ready and waiting! I think we are prepared?

Nekkid Chicken said...

Sharon, Ya'll will be in for a doozie because we are going down to the 20s tonight but, back in the 50s tomorrow morning. That means the North East will be getting pounded I think.

She was a beauty of a find. I will be back outside more now HUNTING for new finds.

Janet said...

Chicken dinner yum !I hate spiders ! sorry ! beautiful sunset-thank you for sharing !x

Nekkid Chicken said...

You are very welcome Ms. Janet. My Maw Maw used to say; Red sky morning sailor warning -- red sky at night sailor delight. Kinda fits because it was a beautiful sunset. :O)