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Sunday, November 28, 2010

25 Christmases On Our Family Tree

Our boys started our tree decorating this year.

The  angel topper from my first away-from-home tree, 1986, Clark Air Base dormitory while, stationed in the Philippines. 

She still gets a spot near the top out of respect.
I started collecting ornaments (or items I deemed ornaments) from every where I went on active duty.  There are memories here from: San Antonio, Clark Air Base in the Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Guam, Korea, Hawaii, Iraklion Air Station on Crete, Ankara Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France and all the other places I visited.
 After hubby and I married in 1996; we added the items made by hand from our children while they were in diapers
Others were made by them in school.

 Others are from the different tastes of my decorating whims and fancies like: unicorns, butterflies, dragonflies, ribbons, bows, cartoon characters, rocking horses, wooden ornaments, bisque, bamboo, military inspired.  We never throw away any ornament unless it is broken glass -- all others are revamped to be included still because they are a part of our history.

Each year, it is fun to unwrap these gifts from our past with our children.  I love the questions they ask and tell them where the decorations come from -- either a exotic place or a Wal-Mart in Germany; the looks on their faces are usually quite priceless. 

Later if my new camera works well with me; I will add another picture when the sun sets for more natural lighting. Tomorrow the kids and I will make some more ornaments to add to our forever collection.

Merry Christmas!


emajen333 said...

Beautiful, Mal! What a lovely tradition!

Sharon said...

Very nice, can you imagine how big the tree will have to be in 10 years? It looks great! Wonderful start to your holiday decorating!

Judy's Corner said...

Love it, Mal. Beautiful trees and wonderful memories making more memories...

polly's path said...

sounds like our tree. We too have the old ornaments, the ones we pick up when we travel, the hand-made ones from macaroni and papaer, the first foot print, etc. I have the German pickle ornament, always hide that one and whoever spots it first gets an extra goft...
I love decorating the tree.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

bloody hell you're early!!!!!
we dont put up our "trimmings" until the 14th
mind I have always said that you ARE mad as a box of frogs!!!
happy holidays "

mixednut555 said...


Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY JEN! I think we all need some kind of traditions. Happy Holidays!

I will just add another tree, Mrs. Sharon. LOL

Thanks Ms. Judy, Can't wait to see how you do up the farm house. :O)

Nekkid Chicken said...

Polly I want to see your pickle ornament. How cool is that!

Thanks Big John, I will take a box of frogs. LMFBOH

HEY KAT! What is happening my sistah?

Texan said...

How fun is that!! and so nice you have your kids and DH to enjoy it with you!

I am in awe too of all the places you have been!! So I can certainly understand your kids having looks of "really" on their faces :O)

and I am still taking you with me if I venture anywhere I might need to kick some hiney! tee hee