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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bush on Oprah -- Loved His Interview

Yesterday, I will admit to watching Mr. Bush on Oprah to promote his memior Decision Points

The interview with Mr. Bush was very telling in my opinion.  He is ready to face the criticism over the job he did as President (POTUS).  Personally, after serving in the military under his command; I never thought he was smart enough -- alone to wreck the havoc he did.  Nope that honor belongs to Karl Rove and Don Rumsfeld plus the other heavy pockets in their political machine.  I still think Mr. Bush was not totally clueless.  I do believe he was either ill-informed or just placed himself too far above the common people to find out the truth. 

Mr. Bush was quite funny and personable during the show and, in my opinion it was one of the best interviews he has given.  He showed his human side instead of the cocky fly-boy arrogance that used to chap my arse raw.  I will also say here, his is the first book I have paid for up front before its release.  I started it last night and I will tell you; I kept checking the signature page to ensure he had in fact written the book alone.  He has done a pretty damned fine job of writing and so far I am impressed with his style.  I will leave you with a few of the quotes I pulled from the book.

On his parents and his mistakes:

"Eventually their patient love affected me.  When you know you have unconditional love, there is no point in rebellion and no need to fear failure.  I was free to follow my instincts, enjoy my life, and love my parents as much as they loved me."

On the muck racking of others concerning his POTUS job performance:

"But his self-righteous attitude was a fore taste of the vitriol that would emanate from many college professors during my presidency."

On faith:

"If you haven't doubted, you porbably haven't thought very had about what you believe."

Special Note here:  I do respect him for not muck raking Mr. Obama over the coals.  Mr. Bush did learn from his past and this I find admirable and rather charming.  JMHO


Sharon said...

I didn't see it, I never watch her anymore, I am not going to besmirch anyone, but I would not have watched it even if I had known it was on. JMO

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

"chap my arse sore"

what a lovely turn of phrase

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Sharon

LOL Think so, John. :O)

Jennifer said...

I did not see it but wish that I would have. I do think he certainly had more than his share of mistakes and flaws as President but I do think he is an interesting person. I would probably read his book if I ever find the time.

Melodie said...

I wish I had remembered to watch! I would like to read,well..skim his book one day.I never seem to have time for a whole book,lol!

Jabacue said...

I have to fess up as well. I was impressed with parts of the interview. He appeared human to me for the first time. But, there is just something that I do not trust about him.....his sincerity maybe. I don't know. I am just relieved his 'power' has diminished.

The lady who talks to rocks said...

What's A JMHO?

As for commenting on President Bush, He was the ONLY president that held my attention during his speeches in all of my 30 years.
As a President, I've no judgment on him or any others. As Humans,, How Freakishly Entertaining!
I think I'd read his book, Infact I still have Clintons book I've yet to open

Texan said...

I watch very little TV, other than food channel, love to cook you know...but in all honesty even if I did I would not have watched that joker LOL...

"the cocky fly-boy arrogance that used to chap my arse raw."

I could not have said that better myself. I am not big on any "politician", but ewwww I didn't like him! and it wasn't a party thing as I am not any party, as I can think for myself! LOL

Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY TEXAN, I thought my description was accurate, funny and true. :O)

Jabacue, It's weird...he came off as down home. And strangely honorable in sticking to his convictions. In the middle of the book, will report back.

Kelley, JMHO = Just My Humble Opinion. When you finish with Clinton's memior; I will buy it off you if you care to part with it. :O) He was another interesting joker.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Melodie, I think if you wanted you could go to HULU, YOUTUBE or Oprahs website to watch excerpts from the interview. He was a good guest in my opinion. I read bits and pieces throughout the day whenver I find time. I know you are busy with homeschooling, critters, and food growing so, it is difficult.