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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voting?, If you didn't -- my vote counts more

in deciding who will be in charge of our country.  Those who don't vote -- really do you want me to make the decision in your place?

I believe in the right:

To Bear Arms, To Marry Whom You Wish, To Worship, To Work, To Serve Openly, To Free Speech, Right to Assemble, To Educate, To Dream, To Struggle First before accepting Hand Ups, To Vote

I accept the following forms of Socialism --- Libraries, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Schools, Parks, Public Highways, Humane Society, Social Security, Medicare, Armed Forces, Centers for Diease Control, etc...

It surprises me still (not as much as in my 20s) folks can complain about our government but, not actively participate in the process of governing. 

To not vote in my humble opinion means folks do not take on the responsibility of citizenship.  I have been places where 'voting' can mean getting killed.  I have seen violence during elections and riots. 


Today, there may not be any violence, military style coups, or over throws but, this will not last long in a society where folks are apathetic in the political process.  And while I do understand the 'choice' not to vote; don't blame me for doing my job as an American citizen.

TRUST ME, if I had the choice to vote in/out my supervisors, financial advisors, or policy makers in my Air Force career, I would still be serving my country.

Steps off ballot box


Melodie said...

I got my vote in!

Sharon said...

I used to vote, every time. Now, with so much mud slinging this time around, I can't tell who has the dirtiest hands. It seems, I always pick the worst ones for the job. So, I will let someone else figure out if there is anyone worth their salt.

Besides, I feel like bleep and do not need to be exposed to a roomful of germs.

Shame me if you think you need to...

Vickie said...

I, too, have already voted. Good post!

Judy's Corner said...

Sharon, I understand where you are coming from. I imagine there are many who had chosen to abstain from participation in the system. Heck, I was a PolySci major in college and I STILL have to convince myself regularly that voting is not only a right, but a responsibility. I don't shame you in the least.... one day I may no longer be able to convince myself either!

Great post, Mal... and yes, I voted!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Folks,

No shame if you miss an election due to illness.

Not my point to shame anyone who has participated in the election process at all. My mother has NEVER in her life been a registered voter. Her theory is if, I vote then I cancel out another voter so, why vote.


Come time for her to draw her Social Security next year; she would protest if the age for eligibility would be raised to 67as politicians are kicking around as a way to reduce costs.

My Theory Is -- You can't have life as you want it to benefit self. Self responsibility is important as well as civic duty to country.


Diana said...

I got mine in, too!!!

Greg said...

I completely agree with you! When I was younger I never realized the importance of voting. Now I hardly miss an election.

Yesterday I imposed my own term limits on a few candidates. Personally I only believe in politicians serving two terms.

Most of the problems in this country are brought on by career politicians.

Chambray Blue said...

I voted!

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Well put my friend!

Talitha D'Andrea said...

I love this post Mal! I added a link to it from mine. Well said!

Cesar Crash said...

Mal, I was thinkin' about you these days. I'm at work now, gotta send you some emails when I get home. I think I'm not doing what I say, it's a real bad attitude.
Y'know, we need to worry about the legacy we're leaving for the children all over the world, it really gives me the creeps. What change in society do you think has been more harmful for the humanity?
The video I posted in October 12, talks about how consumerism affects children, I don't know if there is an english version. It shows children who know the logo of large companies, but don't know the name of some animals. It's disturbing for me.
Here in Brazil, we are obliged to go to vote in our "direct-recording electronic machines", and that is why to abstain from voting is more tasteful for us.

Cesar Crash said...

And, in voting, we don´t have only two options, we have a lot of'em. This year, we could choose between famous clowns, dancers, singers...