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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holey Moley, Long Sleeves Batman!

Sorry, this post will be tad hard to follow because I am looking as a former manpower managment technician (bean counter) at what the mid-term election means.

NOTE:  I am so loving the weather today, I am actually wearing sweat pants, long sleeve pull over and my work boots.   Can you believe that? In South Texas, where I am usually clad in shorts, tank top, sandals even on Christmas Day.  Last night the boys and I baked Nestle Toll House cookies, Grumpy Gramps will be getting some in the mail as promised. 

Back to my topic:

Baking was better than listening to the election results, though I knew the Republicans would make huge gains -- kinda surprised Henry Reid kept his seat in the Senate since, he helped to co-author the Healthcare Bill. 

Sorry Mrs. Pelosi, I had issue with you stating and I para-phrase a tad.

"You can find out what is in the bill (law) after it has been signed." (head did a Linda Blair turn?)

After discussing the political upheavals with my husband.  I do believe it will be in our best interest to have him start looking for work outside the government.  Next step, will be a freeze in hiring, promotions, raises, and bonuses for civil servants. It is needed to help bring the U.S. economy back in line. 

The term BRAC (base realignment and closure) will come back into the fore-front for military planners to realize savings in the FYDP (future years defense budget) and Presidents Budget (PB) plus, the countless other programs.  I know ya'll reading this will be scratching your heads.  Wondering what the heck I am typing here about.  LOL  

Easy peasy ---- the US has to tighten its belt and cut spending or else our economic system will fail.  One huge expense for the US is it's military force:  fighting wars, giving aid, policing other countries, or whatever the popular media term is at the time.  Manpower reductions, benefit cuts, out-of-pocket member/retiree expenses will rise, and other rollbacks must be made.

Spending one's way out of a financial disaster is a short term fix and not sustainable.   Any housewife with a budget can explain this to policy makers.  I accept this as business norm since, I know the 3 million folks serving the military machine is a tad high.  Imagine, 1 in 120 (approx) citizens are now directly or indirectly involved in military support roles.   

That number is not even taking into account the number of retirees drawing a paycheck or other governmental workers.  Just food for thought for those passing by this post.  The government has grown so large; it is becoming unsustainable.

Also, I am dismayed over Governor Rick Perry being relected.  I have issue with any 'public servant' serving more than two terms and firmly believe in strict term limits.  I don't believe in their retirement system either.  Gov Perry has himself so entrenched with big business; Texas will be building more prisons to sadly house all the uneducated masses that will not be graduating from public schools within its borders. (JMHO)

So now the wait begins to see if the Republicans are going to do to fix the issues we are now facing. I think it is still prudent to live well within one's means as this is just the long begining of a recovery process.


Jana C. said...

I am digusted that Perry was voted in again. I am also sure this is just the beginning. I think most in Texas feel a false sense of " it isn't us ". Since we are weathering this more than most. But eventually it had to hit us harder too. Unless something is done. And I don't see the fools just vote dinto office doing much for the better.

Sharon said...

It's chilly, rainy, dreary, all my "weather prediction" joints are busy screaming. I am dressed for winter today and still can feel that chill to the bone. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow..

mixednut555 said...

Raining in Hawaii now, but we have waterfalls!
:X about politics, that was David's job and I'm not going to take over that part of our life.