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Friday, November 26, 2010


The begining of our Christmas season.  A fir tree my hubby picked out and it smells so lovely; I may just stay downstairs tonight to sleep on the couch beside it.
Cubby is supervising Daddy's work and
  fills the reservoir of the tree stand.
And I received two packages this afternoon.  The first one I opened was from FLARTOPIAI love this lady's blog and going there just makes me hungry as all get out.  For the last month, I have enjoyed reading her blogs about a kitten named Smokey they fostered but, her gardening and cooking posts are too yummy.  I happily gain about 5 pounds just reading her posts. This gift box was from a blog giveaway I won by answering a Can You Guess post. OMG! these herbs smelled just delightful, I plan on using them this week and may just buy a goose for the oven instead of a turkey.
My next treasure was from 'Over the Pond,' at My Brother Andrew blog.  Ms. Janet writes a beautiful blog about raising awareness for Progressive Bulbar Palsy, a motor neuron disease that her brother Andrew has.  She included a very kind and touching note which I intend to treasure for years to come. Thanks for your kind words Ms. Janet!

Ms. Janet is also the sister to Big John who writes Going Gently; I adore his blog as well. (Though John often accuses me of being crazier than a box of frogs -- I enjoy his humor just the same.) 

  I have been following all the updates from the sales wrist bands, donations, and events which have posted from around the world.  She is still raising monies to further the cause and you may find the wristbands on eBay using this item number:

'We are now selling MND wristbands on Ebay ! Andrew and Jayne spent most of yesterday sorting it all out-you can check it out , item no 220699576026.'

Today, our family will join her fight and awareness blog by posting this picture of the wrist bands on our Christmas tree.  


Judy's Corner said...

Great idea for Christmas tree decorations, Mal. 'Tis definitely the season ... it's always the season to remember (and help) those less fortunate ... and to marvel at the difference every little bit can make.

mixednut555 said...

Lovely post, Mal. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.
Love from your over the other pond Sistah.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Yes Ms. Judy it is the season for taking time to help those who are less fortunate or just need it. It is amazing to me to think of the Butterfly Effect and how a ripple can make such a difference later on. Are you all warm and toasty?

KAT! OMG we have no pie left. Can you believe the boys killed them all. I need to go shopping tomorrow. I am telling you buttermilk pie is awesome. I want Rachels flan recipe. Love ya my over the pond sistah!

Sharon said...

Those for real Christmas trees, sure do smell nice! Too bad we get used to the smell so quick! How you going to decorate, fashion or old fashioned with candy canes and popcorn?

Yep, John, Jan and Andy are such super people!

Janet said...

hi Mal ! thank you for that wonderful post-that is so kind of you ! thought you might like to know brother john is helping me out tomorrow night selling raffle tickets in his too tight MND t-shirt-will be sure to get some photos [tee hee ! ]my fault as I only have small sizes left. love the pictures- can`t beat a real tree !Hope you are all having a lovely time x

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

thank you for the "big "up
you mad old girl

Jen said...

Hello again! I love the smell of pine at Christmas. So soothing. Which I'm sure those herbs are as well.
You find the neatest bugs! Those spiders are awesome.

Flartus said...

Yay, so glad you got the box, all safe and sound. Miss Chef drove it around in her car for a week, promising she'd mail it for me...until I took it back and did it myself. *sigh*

Sounds like you are set for a lovely, loving holiday season. So very appropriate.

PS I was reading your earlier posts--you have beautiful goats! The daddy longlegs, not so much. :)

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Ms. Flartus, I love the package. It was a nice surprise, and I will pass on your kind words to our dear goats. I am sure they love the sugar sweet compliments.

HEY JEN! Nice to see ya posting more regular. I love bug hunting with the boys. We find some amazing creatures.