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Monday, November 15, 2010

Rites of Passage: Boys Becoming Men

I have been thinking lately about how much our sons are growing up.  Just yesterday, Saenz and Zephyr were a small babe in my arms with their toothless smiles lapping up my undivided attention.

Flash forward to our now pre-teen on the burgeoning precipice of teenage angst, secret worlds, and his own language.  I do so much miss listening to him talk to imaginary friends and him inviting me in to play in his world.  

On Sunday, hubby taught Saenz how to shave his peach fuzz mustache because the hairs were darkening to match his hair color. This set me to thinking: is it time for father and son to take a trip as a rite of passage like hunting.  For the two to bond over scratching, a camp fire, and mugs of iced rootbeers? No matter what, I can not rightly teach him about masculine things or feelings.  We have long ago had our discussion on the biology of sex so, this is not what I am thinking.

Should there be a rite of passage for Saenz marking the year when his body is entering manhood?  Would he benefit from such an event so, his mind and emotional being knows he is begining the change?  Do boys need their father or a man in their life to explain things to them?  In other cultures, there are many ways a boy's milestones are marked and he is welcome into the secret world of MAN -- usually with the spilling of blood.

(LOL, I am not thinking of anything traumatic.)

And as I ponder these thoughts, I realized this afternoon, Zephyr too is changing so fast.  I no longer need the sippy cups in the cupboard and will pack them away. 

SIGH... Just feathering my nest -- it's too soooooooooon!


Sharon said...

Remember the song that goes something like "Turn around"? As the years go by, the time goes faster, it really does and you wonder what happened to your babies.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Sharon, It is scarey at how fast things change.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

nice blog entry

lol just read your comment on jims blog

you daft sausage!

Jana C. said...

Don't blink, you might miss some huge milestone.

A Guys trip sounds wonderful.

Grumpy Gramps said...

Mal,Saenz is fast becoming a man.I have noticed it in our conversations on the phone.Before you know it he will be out on his own to make his mark on the world.You are ping a great job instilling a value system,morals and ethics.

Janet said...

Think of all the wonderful things yet to come and to experience, and marvel in a job well done !
thank you for your support-Mal appreciated x

mixednut555 said...


They never stay babies LONG enough.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Well I am going to convince hubby to do something (an away trip) with just he and Saenz. I just somehow feel it's important to basically prepare Saenz for the changes in his body, emotional, and spiritual growth.

emajen333 said...

I have no idea, Mal. When my babies mature, I have them spayed.

Nekkid Chicken said...

falls off chair over Jen's comment

hee hee poor minki and nimbi

emajen333 said...

Wish I had more advice to offer. What about brand new rhinestone collars and pink bows in their hair?

Flartus said...

Y'know, I've often thought that part of the reason guys get so caught up in "proving their manhood" is because our society doesn't have any common rituals, like scarification or tatooing or what have you.

It's easier for women; our bodies provide their own definite rite of passage (if you know what I mean). So, yeah, a father/son trip sounds perfect. Especially if it involves grunting & scratching, lol!