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Friday, March 18, 2011

Something I Feel I Must Pass On

I found this article by Rebbeca Dube on Today's website.
"Little girl loved: One father's open letter to a young rape victim."

And then followed it to the open letter on a blog highlighted in red.  Such a beautiful letter.

"[Editor's Note: After reading our MyBrownBaby post, "Gang Rape In Texas: When Will We Stop Sacrificing Girls In Defense of Black Boys," Nick was moved to pen this letter to the 11-year-old victim. I extend a special invitation to the mothers and fathers who've read this powerful prose to leave empowering and loving messages to and for this child, and the many more like her, here at MyBrownBaby and at the Little Girl Loved FaceBook Group started by MyBrownBaby friend Robin Caldwell. We also suggest you follow @littlegirlloved on Twitter and, with the hashtag #littlegirlloved, share this post and the many e-letters we hope to collect for this child. Let’s lift her spirit and let her know that if her town won’t support her and her family, we certainly will.]

Nick Chiles, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, is the author of eight books, including the New York Times bestselling tome “The Blueprint: A Plan for Living Above Life’s Storms,” co-written with gospel legend Kirk Franklin. Nick also writes for several publications including Essence, where he frequently pens stories about fatherhood and manhood."


So I found myself posting (sharing) this beautifully written letter to my Facebook friends and I thought I would share this letter with those who pass this way.  My heart is so sad and full for the young girl who had to endure such torture at the hands of many. 


floweringmama said...

Wow, what is just as frightening to me are the comments that people have left about the newstory.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Flowering, It just broke my heart to read all those horrible comments to and towards a child. I had to just step back and devest myself from the situation. Sometimes humanity thoroughly disappoints me to no end. Thanks for commenting for what I posted was not an easy topic to brooch.