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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cranked Up the Husky, Tree Trimming, a Visitor

Cubby bear wanted a ride so he climbed aboard.  The grass is not high enough to mow yet.  However, the chickens started following us.  They have learned there is mighty good picking after we mow the grass.
 Delaware rooster and his ladies.
Amerucana rooster and his harem.
'OH CRAP! I've been spotted.' 
RUN before Banjo chases you Mr. Roadrunner.
Next weekend when Junio and the grand daughters come down; we will be moving our goats to the front for fresh grazing. Hubby trimmed this front tree back so the goats will not be able to gnaw our cover tree.  Can't believe he can drive the farm truck that is stuck in fourth; it needs a new transmission.   So many projects, so little money and time to get them all done.
The swing oak tree are covered with these.  Interesting to look at I must say. Do you know what these are because I don't? 
 DO YOU MIND? Privacy here....
We bid you adieu because there is still much work to do!


emajen333 said...

I love how you tell stories w/ your COOL pics!

emajen333 said...

Check out the hen and rabbits video I posted on Auto Add when you get a sec.

Sharon said...

LOL@ chickens chasing lawnmower!
They sure are pretty chickens! I like your guinea too - looks like quite a character! Banjo seems to like the birds, eh? Neat to see a roadrunner in a "social" setting!

Have a nice evening!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Faery! I will go to Facebook later. I came in to check what the temp is going to be and shouldn't be here now.

SSSSSSSh don't tell Gil! I left him working outside. LOL

Sharon, Usually grasshoppers, field mice, and other tasty treats are to be had after mowing. They love the lawn mower. SERIOUSLY, I am looking for his mate and believe she has a nest nearby. Banjo has been super cruel to birds so, we have made some gates to keep him in the yard and the chickens out. LOL The two should not mix.

Ya'll thanks for stopping by!

Gotta go before I get in trouble.

RiverBend Farm said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and giving the suggestion on the hen's nest. She left her nest and moved over to another one. I will try and put up a board in front of her. Thanks again,

Talitha D'Andrea said...

Love the pics! I would love to live in your area! It looks so warm!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Berte, Nice to see you on my blog. Thanks for being a follower; I have loved following yours for about a year now. I hope you figure out how to keep the nest safe for your chicks. We have lost a few by accident and learning from passed mistakes or, just by new mom's not knowing what to do. I do feel it is a blessing when we get a nesting mom sitting her own nest. I hope this year we get a clutch or two of home raised chickens. They make for better birds I believe. Take care, Mal

ROFL Tali, You would not want to be here today. The humidity is so high I decided to clean the house instead of baking bread. We actually turned on the a/c to basically dry out the house. The boys were just glowing with sweat from our toils. Take care, Mal