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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Waiting for the Rains

This was what the sky looked like yesterday evening.  Promising but no rain.  Hubby and I did the farm chores together.  This week has been a little nuts here and in the world it appears.  

Farm news:  Roux and Bercer died; we tried to get them to bottle feed to no avail.  Then one day it was so hot, Lady Walver was also found dead.  Talk about a kick in the gut.  The boys and I caught a injured Northen Cardinal; she also died of her injuries.  Leaving me to wonder; if I did the right thing.

Family news this week: my sister is in the hospital she had a stroke.  The blockage in one of her cranial veins is too close to her brain for surgery.  So, awaiting news to find out what the neurologist is going to recommend.  I know she does not take care of herself nor, the Crohns that ravages her body.    It is just heartbreaking to know how close she came to dying and how shitty she was treated because she is: poor, female, and without health insurance.

Another sad bit of news, a distant male cousin lost his three month old daughter to SIDS.  I can not imagine the pain nor anguish he and his family are feeling.  Another great uncle passed this week though he was quite advanced in age his passing makes one think of their own mortality. 
On to something more invigorating.  Friday, I took the boys out for lunch.  Lets just say I am super happy to be living in the country.  When we got home; we found the door ajar so I went in to investigate.  Only to find a hen took up residence in our home.  She left us a poopy present on the stairs, over turned a few sprout cups, and promptly took to laying us an egg.  The boys and I got a good chuckle out of this and I said quite a few prayers of thanks because the outcome could have been worse.
This morning, I allowed the boys to sleep in late since it is the weekend.  Hubby is busy working over time down in Corpus.  The pole beans were looking lovelingly outside for the promise of rain.  The temp has dropped by 30 degrees, I am thinking next weekend these beauties will grace our garden. 

We have made a major discovery.  Seems little Banjo is quite content to chase and harass our hens.  I can't say that I blame him since, a few are so brazen they will steal his food from his bowl.  So, we have blocked him into the main yard after finding him with a chicken and pulling her feathers out late yesterday afteroon.  Luckily I caught him in the act.  The boys and I concluded that Banjo was probably the reason Chewy was injured in the first place.    Animals will be animals.

Grumpy and I spent some time looking out the window at the passing clouds.  He is quite the love bird here lately and so curious.   He and I sometime just chill out and listen to the sounds of the house.  We both wish you a beautiful weekend and hope your weather is stellar in your slices of heaven.


Kids and Canning Jars said...

Thank you for the wonderful, yet sad update. A week that will get ones mind reflecting for sure. Sorry. The chicken in the house is going to be a fun story to tell for some time. Much love. Melissa

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Melissa, We are finally getting our home back from brooding two sets of chicks. Now we have just four turkeys chicks, Grumpy is a bourbon red 'jake' gonna be.

Hubby and I are talking about expanding our herd of goats but, this time I would like to try a milk breed instead of meat. Hope your day is going well.


Sharon said...

Oh Mal, sorry about the babies, you have just had a really rough week and I am so sorry.

My net service is wavering in and out, It quit before, so now I can get back on - again.

I'm just sitting here, watching the rain and the grass grow green. Kind of (almost) nice for a change.

Have a good day now, Girl!

Jim said...

Gee Mal you certainly had your fill of life's 'other' side this week! As sad as it can get, life is all about balance....can't have one without the other!
Those bean sprouts look terrific! Very healthy....can't wait to plant mine outdoors in barrels.
What a sweet ending to your post.....talk about balance. Thanks.

Talitha D'Andrea said...

Sounds like you've had quite the week. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers always. If you ever need anything, you know where to find me. I may be 4000 miles away, but I'm still here for ya! Love the picture of you and the "love bird" looking out the window. :)

NURA said...

husband and you are always diligent in doing farm work.
I'd gladly like you guys
thank for visit in Aljubail S.A

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Mrs. Sharon, You know I wished we got some of the rain you did.

Thanks Jim, I try to mix things up a bit. We will be moving the beans outside today. Hopefully working on the turkey pen. And planting more starter seeds.

Tali, You know I always carry you around in my heart. )))HUGS(((

Thanks for stopping by, Nura. I am looking forward to reading about your pilgrimage. You always have interesting pictures and posts. God be with you, Mal