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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Art of Friendship and Good Neighbors

Yesterday, we went to the Maguglins to trade eggs and just visit.  My boys are just thrilled to run around their property. It is fun to watch the children play together outside because they run around and burn up energy.  What is really cool, each time we go there we learn something new.

Mrs. Sobrina taught us about caring for show rabbits   We had no idea they had to be of a certain weight nor the standards for judgement for the farm shows around the area. Their rabbits are weighed daily, have tattoo'd ears, have to have their under coat brushed out and look like their litter mates.


Then, we watched their show pigs which are Hamsphires (English breed); and they require a certain type of ration to lay down weight and fat properly for judgement. What is interesting about their show pigs and a major difference from our hogs (feral)are their body structure.  The Hampshires have really large hind quarters that are heavily muscled and makes them look quite hippy.  Then on top of their backs are deep crease to which helps to show their fat content.  Mrs. Maguglin which probably weighs a 100 lbs soaking wet just hopped -- right into their pen and herded the pigs into their play yard.

Zephyr loves to run about their place looking for spent shotgun shells like a treasure hunter.  And Saenz loves to chat and be a boy with the Maguglin's oldest son.  The best thing about having another homeschooling family so close by, who are from this area; is knowing we can ask questions.  This means I have a source to learn how to become a better farmer, mother, and teacher.  WIN WIN in my book.

Later in the day they came over to drop off some homemade bread.  Saenz and Zephyr took the Maguglin children out to see the animals and swing under the oak tree.  Overall, Tuesday was a lovely day spent with good friends and great neighbors.  Can't ask for more....

Hope ya'll are enjoying your slices of heaven!


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Sharon said...

It's great to have neighbors with like interests! Wish I had some...

Yesterday was indeed a beautiful day, even here!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Kat

Yes Mrs. Sharon it is. OMG Sharon today; we have been in and out. It is so pretty; we have black butterflies that have shown up and woodpeckers. Take care, Mal

pj said...

everytime i read your posts the more i find myself not liking the uk 8O( lol