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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do You Ever Feel Like You've Hit a Wall?

For each break through we have in homeschooling a  road block pops up to whip us about for awhile.  It took me a better part of this passed six months to get Zephyr to a place where he is learning how to read.  He now can pick out about ten words and knows half of the alphabet's begining sounds.

His first sentences are:

The cat sat on my hat.
The boy wants a toy.
Zephyr is a boy.
Mom is a girl.
Zephyr wants a toy.

Not rocket science but a firm start.  We used flashcards to learn new words and practice letter sounds through out the day almost every day.  So, when he was able to read those words this morning.  Mom did a happy dance.  Then we sat down to read The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs.   I guess tomorrow our game will be to pick out all the MICE and MOUSE words on a page since today's was 'at' 'the' and 'a.' 

Now on to Saenz's progress, we are deeply stuck inside the quagmire of learning how to convert fractions to decimals.  When I am on break with Zephyr; Saenz and I are at the white board practicing.  Saenz has a tough time with keeping his work aligned properly (dysexlia) so, he gets frustrated easily with math.  So I have to keep reminding him that he is not going to fall behind here and we will keep practicing until he gets a firm grasp before moving on.

I think this bothers him because feels like a failure.  When in fact, I know he is getting the hang of doing the problems and has made progress from just a week ago.  So the rest of this week we will focus on science, art, history, and grammar to give his brain some reset/focus time.

My sister, Tammy is back in the hospital.  She did okay on Saturday through Sunday and then had another seizure or stroke on Monday.  Needless to say, she is back in different hospital this time.  No word yet on how she is doing.  I am concerned since, I detected her slurring her words the last time we spoke.  Later, I will call my neice to find out the lastest test results.  So just keeping her in my thoughts and prayers and hopefully the doctors will find why she is having such difficulities with her health.

Hoping all you are having a wonderful week in your slices of heaven.


Jim said...

In this 'slice of heaven' (love that) things are dandy!
I taught/worked with dyslexic kids for 12 years. When there was progress we all celebrated. The key was patience and time.
Hope your sister does OK Mal.

Texan said...

I hope they can figure out what is causing your sister health issues.

When I went to the junior college up the freeway from me. One of my classes that semester was a math class. The gal that sat next to me was dyslexic. She would hurry hurry thru her work we had in to do in class. I would still be over there plugging away. She would then get her paper back with a barely passing or failing grade. I ask her one day. Why do you hurry so, we have the entire class to work on this? She said she didn't know why LOL. So we started a game, we got our assignments and I would say okay pace yourself girly, remember pace yourself, there is no fire okay and we would laugh... She started slowing down and pacing herself and she started doing so much better. I wonder if some how the dyslexia makes them feel the need to rush rush rush as well as mix up the numbers?...

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Jim, I am hoping she fares better in a different hospital. Yeah I have to remind Saenz to slow down and follow the steps in working the problems slowly. One mistake can throw an answer off.

Texan, I have no idea. Saenz at times gets in a rush as well. I have to remind him to breathe. Working with his processing disorder is tough at times because his mind is quicker than what his fingers allows. If that makes sense? LOL

Thanks for your well wishes concerning my sister. So far, all her tests are coming up negative. She still has numbness on her face. So it has to be cerebal in nature my guess.

Sharon said...

There is always going to be something new in the schoolwork, thus the road blocks. I hope he can catch it and keep it!

Sorry that your sister has had a set back. Probably is a good idea to be at a different hospital! I hope they find the problem quickly and get her back on the road to good health!

mixednut555 said...

Lots of good thoughts coming from over here for you and your family. Keep your chin up, Mal. Love ya.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Sharon, It is tough to be so far away. She needs an advocate to butt heads and ideas with the medical staff. I just hope they find a cause soon. Thanks for stopping by, sweetie.

Kat, You know I love you more than feathers in the wind. :O) Mal

Diane said...

I understand how frustrating that can be. My dad has gone through similar episodes. His was diagnosed as TIA episodes which are precursors to a stroke. He will slurr his words, become confused, and sometimes half of his face/body will be slack. Hope and pray everything turns out well for your sister.