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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gardening and Homeschool Lessons: Week 2

How lucky for us that one of Mr. Larry's gifts (Grumpy Gramps) was a subscription to Weekly Reader program with the added Life Pac for science.  So, when I broke open the packet yesterday Zephyr found this issue right off the bat.

Week 1: http://saenzmom.blogspot.com/2011/03/our-garden-seed-project-week-1.html
Planting Day: http://saenzmom.blogspot.com/2011/02/welcome-to-world-boudan.html

Later today, we will water the beans we have already placed in the yard.  And will decide where to place our melons and squash since, they are about ready to put in the garden.  It has been a bumpy road trying to fence the chickens out of the garden area we have next to our house. The feathered monsters keep trying to get to our tender seedlings.  I will take some pictures later of our progress when it is not so cool outside. 

Brrrrr, in the 40s this morning but is around 65 degrees now.  For South Texas it would be a really stellar day if not for the chilly wind. Hopefully this afternoon will be warm enough to take the boys outside for watering and transplanting.  Zephyr woke up with a cold this morning -- thus I am waiting for more heat.

Sad news, one of the turkey poults died late yesterday.  I have no idea why -- they are not over crowded, are dry and warm.  Grrrr, now I understand a bit better why there is a saying:

TURKEYS LIVE TO DIE...... Kinda sad really

No news on my sister yet.  She was still in the hospital yesterday with the staff running a bunch of test.  So far, nothing has shown to be the cause of her strokes.  I firmly believe the science of medicine is really an ART form  instead of science since, each individual is unique.  What will work for a few will not work for others.  Hopefully soon; she will find a doctor who listens to her entire history and is clued in enough to treat her as an individual instead of as a member of the herd.

Okay, off to teach some phonics and hopefully more reading to Zephyr. I hope your slices of heaven are full of blessings.



Jim said...

It is 2 degrees celsius here....that would be about 34 or 35 degrees F......I think. Hey, there's a lesson for the kids.......conversions! As the whole world will be using celsius by the time they are adults.
Have a great one Mal.

Sharon said...

How DO you keep chickens out of the garden?

Has been cool here, but the wind is downright harsh! It's 43 right now and going to freeze tonight. I hope it doesn't freeze the buds off the fruit, like it has before.

Have a good evening!